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What a Spectacular Season!

Hello FL Fam!

We did it! Job well done to everyone for completing and shining on the field all season. I am SO PROUD to be your director and thankful for each of your committment, energy, kind hearts, and talent. If you haven't heard it lately, you are awesome. I know at times it can feel challenging to balance all that you do between your extra curricular, academic, and personal life. Take time to breathe and reflect on all that you have accomplished and pat yourself and a teammate on the back. You are doing remarkable things and all of these memories will last a lifetime for you - soak it in! As we continue on with our year, please check in with your sisters, squads, and friends to be there for one another. I am always here for you too!

Parents, thank you all for showing your support at all of our games and volunteering to help out with food pick up, chaperoning, t-shirt designs, photography and videos, donations, and more. We would NOT be successful without you all!

Our Vertical Raise Fundraiser was a HUGE success - thank you so much for reaching out to your family and friends for support! We raised $2,952.80 (we get 80% of the profit). This tremendously helps out our program and will set us up for fun spring activities and financial assistance.

Congratulations to our of the weeks from our Playoff game:

Officer - Zoe Dell

First Lady - Carrie Agboga
Spirit Girl - Fabi Ramirez

Director's Choice - Reese Johnson

Also, congratulations to your first performance of our competition pom routine at Dance Spectacular. Thank you Mrs. Rodriguez for filming! Ladies, I am so impressed with your progress on the routine and performance! Shout out to Emily Chen and Chelsey Rocha for being a part of the All-City Dance Team - your dance looked awesome too! We are off to a great start for competition season. The team lyrical that Mr. Washington is setting is going to be so beautiful too.

Please see below for the schedule for the next 2 weeks. If you have any conflicts with these dates, please let me know and I can work with you:

Mon (12-9) A: 7:30-1st Period

Tues B: 4-6PM

Wed A: 7:30-1st Period

Thurs B: 4-6PM

Fri C: 1st period

Good luck on your finals - you got this!

Mon (12-16): 1st and 2nd period finals starting at 8:15

Tues: 5th and 6th period finals starting at 8:15

Wed: 3rd and 4th period finals starting at 8:15

Thurs: 7th and 8th period finals starting at 8:15


Please review the UIL Eligibility Document for upcoming check and pass/fail dates. As a reminder, this is applied year-round. If you do not pass your 3rd 6 weeks (Jan. 14 is the lose date), you will be ineligible to participate in Showoffs, any basketball games, and the first competition (gain date is Feb. 3 - which is too close to our first comp to change forms). Please let me know if you have any questions.

I wish you all a very merry and wonderful holiday break. I hope that you find time to rest, reflect, set new goals, visit with loved ones, and have some fun! You all deserve it.

Cheers and thank you again to everyone! I will send out a new post or email with more details for our spring semester at a later date. Keep up the great work!


Ms. E

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