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We Did it!

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

Ladies, way to go!! We did it. We had a successful competition season and you all grew each week. You put in the hours, energy, and passion and it really showed. Congratulations on finishing off our season with super high energy and technical improvement overall. We received the following awards at the Westwood competition:

1st in our division for:

2nd in our division for:

Pom also received:

  • "Best Overall Precision" and "Outstanding Choreography"

2nd overall for:

Excellent job to Eva and Joanna for competing in the solo division! They both received Division I scores! Great work ladies - we are proud of you! Great job to our officers on their Division I scores on jazz and contemporary as well.

I'm thankful for each of you and look forward to moving on to creating a fantastic Spring Show. You all are rockstars. Please share photos if you took any!

Ladies that are returning next year, remember that applications are due this Friday, 3-6-20. Please apply online here by following the application link, and let me know if you have any questions! I hope to see you all there.

Please see below for a breakdown of the next 2 weeks and the week after spring break:

Week of 3-2:

  • No morning or after school practice. If you are an officer hopeful and would like to use the studio anyday we would normally have practice or during FIT, please let me know and I can come early/stay after anyday except Thursday. Reminder to schedule your 30 min teach and interview with me - that was due today along with signature page.

  • We will dance during 1st period, so bring dress out clothes Wed and Fri.

  • Wednesday: Parent/Student Informational at 6pm in the dance room. Not required for returning students, but encouraged.

  • Return your garment bag with ALL ITEMS including poms by Wednesday. DO NOT wash anything unless you HAND WASH and HANG DRY, otherwise they will get damaged.

  • Thursday: Late Start

Week of 3-9:

  • Officer Hopefuls will team teach during 1st period this week. We will also run through all dances - as we will do some if not all at spring show.

  • Monday: 4-6PM Clinic for Tryouts

  • Tuesday: 4-6PM Clinic for Tryouts

  • Wednesday: 4-6PM Clinic for Tryouts

  • Thursday: 5 PM tryouts

  • Friday the 13th (B) - SPOOKY! Results will be announced by this day.

SPRING BREAK - Relax, have fun, DANCE, enjoy, and be safe! :)

Week of 3-23:

  • Officer Hopefuls will present during 1st period this week. If time permits, we will begin working on spring show as well, so bring dress out clothes.

  • Monday: 4-6PM Clinic for Officer Hopefuls

  • Tuesday: 4-6PM Clinic for Officer Hopefuls

  • Wednesday: 5PM Tryouts for Officer Hopefuls

  • Thursday: No practice - I'm judging at NorthEast

  • Friday (A): Guest nutrition speaker during 1st period

After the week above, we will return to a practice schedule closer to what we're used to. Details will be provided closer to this time.

Special thank you to all the parents that helped with our celebration breakfast this morning! We love and appreciate you all! Our team would not be successful without the constant support, time, and energy that YOU all put in as well. Thank you, thank you - ya'll rock.

Also, shoutout to Carrie, Dakota, DeAira, and Micah for participating in the Black History Month Program last Wed-Fri in the LBJ Theater. Ya'll did a great job, and I enjoyed seeing you sing, dance, and speak!

Once again, really nice work everyone. Keep up the good energy!


Ms. Edwards

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