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Kick Season is Here!

Hello there!

Steller performance at our game dads, moms, friends, and Ladies! Great work teaching Emily and Micah! To our guests, thank you for joining your Ladies! It looked like ya'll had a great time, even in the cold! Check out your performance here.

Congrats to our of the weeks from 10-18! Also, did you hear?! Your performance was on the TV - you are stars! I thought that was our best performance as well - excellent job, Ladies! Check it out here.

First Lady - Katie Peele

Spirit Girl - Emma Rodriguez

Officer - Abril Unda

Director's Choice - Risako Nishiyama

Of the weeks from 10-25:

"First Lady" Dakota Hancock

"Spirit Girl" Lucia Rubio Lobo

"Officer" Emily Chen

"Director's Choice" Sydney Yium

Schedule for next 2 weeks:

Ladies, please make sure you are taking care of your academics over the this week. Grades are due for the 2nd 6 weeks by Friday, so plan to go to tutoring, do makeup work, whatever you need to do to have passing grades in ALL of your classes. Do not wait till the last minute or ask your teachers to change your grade or after the deadline. I have to follow UIL guidelines for everyone, so if you fail a 6 weeks, you become ineligible to dance for a period of time. Failing two 6 weeks in a row removes you from the team - per the AISD and First Lady Handbook. For more details on the check dates and loose/gain eligibility dates please look in the Google Drive, or ask me.

Week of 10-28-19:

Please bring dance tennis shoes for the next two weeks at practice because we are kicking on a hard surface - you need to protect your joints.

  • Monday (10-28) A: 7:30-1st period (Working on Field Kick AND senior Pep Rally)

  • Tuesday B: 4-6PM *Come in during lunch if you are interested in a letter jacket (only people who have been on team for at least a year)

  • Wednesday A: 7:30-1st period - Dress up for Halloween if you'd like!

  • Thursday B: 4-6PM and Band run through

  • Friday A: 1st period and 7:30PM Game day at Burger

Week of 11-4-19:

  • Monday A: 7:30-1st period (Working on Field Kick AND senior Pep Rally)

  • Tuesday B: 4-6PM + 6:15 PM Parent/Student Meeting

  • Wednesday A: 7:30-1st period - Seniors during FIT

  • Thursday B: 4-6PM and Band run through

  • Friday B: Senior PEP RALLY and 7:30 PM Game day at Nelson


  • The schedule for the year can be viewed anytime, here

  • Please continue to do your best to fundraise with our sponsorship campaign and coupon book sales. Kuddos to Sydney - she is KILLING IT! She brought in another $220 this week from a family member and another local business. Sydney, what are some tips you have for the rest of the group? You rock!

  • Thank you so much to those that have volunteered to be chaperones for competition season! I think we can make New Braunfels work, but would like to discuss this at our meeting on Tuesday, 11-5 at 6:15 PM.

Thank you for all of your time and energy - this year is going really well and I'm thankful to have you all as a team and in the FL Family!


Ms. Edwards

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