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Successful First Game and This Week's Updates!

Way to go team! Congratulations on a successful pep rally and halftime performance last week. I know there are a few things we would have liked to go differently, but overall, I thought both your performances were sharp, clean, and energetic. With each game or pep rally, we will get better and better! I hope you enjoyed your time together as well!

Shout out to the following ladies for our "Of the Weeks"

Officer of the Week - Micah

First Lady of the Week - Lucia

Spirit Girl of the Week - Vyanka

Director's Choice of the Week - Elizabeth


This Week:

Tuesday (9-3) B:

  • Practice from 4-6PM

  • Review all dances and debrief on game and pep rally

Wednesday (9-4) A:

  • Morning practice 7:30-1st period

  • FITNESSGRAM - Bring tennis shoes

  • 5:15-8PM Open House Night - Parents please come! *I need at least 2-3 officers to represent First Ladies at table for Gallery Walk. *

Thursday (9-5) B:

  • Practice from 4-6PM

Friday (9-5) B:

  • Enjoy your weekend!

Next Week:

Monday (9-9) A:

  • Morning practice 7:30-1st period

  • Focus: Football Jazz - unless going to Waco - then Pom

  • Review all routines from summer

Tuesday (9-10) B:

  • Practice from 4-6PM

  • Technique Tuesday

Wednesday (9-11) A:

  • Morning practice 7:30-1st period

Thursday (9-12) B:

  • Practice from 4-6PM

Friday (9-13) A:

  • 1st period practice only

  • Fitness Friday - bring tennis shoes!

  • Tentative Game in Waco - logistics are being discussed with schools

Dress Out Schedule Reminder:

Monday - Purple top

Tuesday - Gray tank

Wednesday - Pink top

Thursday - Sister/squad/team themed

Friday - Black top

Thanks for all you do and cheers to an excellent start to our season! Please reach out to your officers or me if you have any questions.

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