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Next 2 Weeks

Hi Team,

Beautiful job with your ripples 2 weeks ago at homecoming and with our faculty routine this past week! Thank you to Mrs. Rodriguez for filming our routines and taking photos and to Mrs. Hancock for sticking around late at night to make sure we all get in our cars safe after the game and donating powerades and water! We appreciate all the parent support!

Congratulations to our of the Weeks from Homecoming Week:

Risako Nishiyama "Officer"

Micah Reese "Director's Choice"

Elizabeth Figuero "First Lady"

Fabiola Ramirez "Spirit Girl"

Of The Weeks from last week:

DeAira Barker "First Lady"

Reese Johnson "Officer"

Sydney Yium "Spirit Girl"

Vyanka Rodriguez "Director's Choice"

We've extended the date for our Sponsorship campgain to Nov. 1. Everyone please do your best to reach out to businesses. It is absolutely possible to make this successful for our team. Way to go Sydney for bringing in 1,031 so far! Please reach out if you have any questions.

As a reminder, we also have the coupon book fundraiser going on as well until Dec. 2, 2019. Please reach out to people in the school, friends, family, etc. They're really great books and have the potential to help us reach our financial goals and yours if you are putting this towards your account. Shout out to Eva and Joanna for making a few sales! Just make sure you send people to this link so we get 50% of the profits and you hand deliver the book (no shipping costs):

As a reminder, the funds we raise will go directly toward our expenses for competition which will be around $3500.

This weeks schedule:

  • Tuesday B: 4-6PM

  • Wednesday A: PSAT Schedule (30 min in A day classes after test) - Good luck everyone!

  • Thursday B: 7:30 Game day at Burger Stadium - Field Jazz.

  • Friday A: 1st Period. Pass/Fail grade check. If you were ineligible from 1st 6 weeks and are passing everything on this check, you will gain back eligibility but you must be passing ALL classes.

Next week:

  • Monday A: 7:30-1st Period

  • Tuesday B: 4-6PM Practice with Dads

  • Wednesday A: 7:30-1st Period. Dance Officers meet during FIT

  • Thursday B: 4-6PM Practice with Dads

  • Friday B: Game and Pep Rally Pom Day! 7:30 Game at Nelson - Dad Dance!

Please let me know if I've missed anything or if you have any questions. Hope you had a great 3-day weekend!

Best Wishes,

Ms. Edwards

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