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Fundraisers, Next Week, and more!

Hello team!

As of this week, we are ready to kick off our fall fundraisers! We have 2 currently in process:

1. Sponsorship

The Ladies spent time during practice to brainstorm businesses to reach out to for sponsorhip for our team. I've asked that each student reach out to at least 20 businesses using the email template in our Google Drive. Parents, please help your daughters out with this as well! If you know of any friends or family that would like to be a sponsor or just donate, now is the time to reach out! Our expenses for competition are generally around $2400 alone, so it's crucial that every student does their very best to help raise funds - especially since the fees were decreased this year by $250/student. We will have check ins on the progress of our outreach over the next few weeks.

2. Coupon Books

The second fundraiser we will begin within the next few weeks is selling coupon books directly through an Austin fundraising company. The books are $25 and more details will be sent out as soon as everything is finalized. Our goal is to have each Lady sell at least 5 books. We will receive 40-50% of the profit and the students will not have collect any money from people - they will direct their buyers to the company's site.

Next week, we will plan on the following schedule. We need a little more time than usual because the game is on a Thursday and a good majority of our practice time this week was, unfortunately, spent on forms and cleaning for pom.

Monday - A day:

  • 7:30 AM - 1st Period practice

  • 4-6PM Practice

Tuesday - B day:

  • 4-6PM Practice

Wednesday - A day:

  • 7:30 AM - FIT practice

  • Possible 4-6PM practice - depending on how much we get done Monday and Tuesday.

Thursday - B day:

  • Game Day! 7:30PM Kickoff at House Park vs. McCallum

  • Wear jerseys to school

Friday - B day:

  • Have a good weekend!

Other events this month:

  • Parent/student Potluck meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 24th @6PM in the Dance room at LBJ. I'd like to gather everyone to discuss our plans for this year including: dance clinic, parent volunteer opportunities, fundraisers, competition season, and spring show.

  • Race for the Cure on Sunday, Sept. 29th. Please mark your calendars and gather your pink items! This is a First Lady volunteer tradition that we look forward to!

Please let me know if you have any questions in regards to our fundraisers or next week's schedule.

Thanks for all your time, energy, and support! I sure am happy to be your director.


Ms. Edwards

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