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Comp Season is Here!

Greetings FL Fam & happy new year to you all!

I hope that you had a wonderful break and enjoyed all the things, places, and people that make you happy. My time was spent on lots of family and food, and I feel rested and ready to have a fantastic spring semester with you all. We have a lot of fun events and great dances to perform during competition season, tryouts, dance clinic, spring show, and banquet (no performances at this one!)!

First off, competition season is rolling in HOT! I know it might seem far off, but these next few weeks in January will go by quick! On that note, it is absolutely mandatory that you are at every practice. If you miss more than 1 practice in a week, you are at risk of being taken out of the routine or moved in formations. Each practice will be dedicated to specific routines that we need to learn or clean in addition to continuing development of your technique. Each of you are crucial to the success of our performances and we have lots of great ones coming up! Here's a quick glance at our upcoming performances & other events:

Basketball Game

Friday, Jan. 24

Officer or Hip Hop Halftime Performance

Delco Center @4:30

Saturday Practice (tentative)

January 25th

LBJ Dance Room @9-4PM

SHOWOFFS with North East, Eastside Memorial, & East Austin College Prep

Wednesday, January 29th

Show begins @ 7PM


Basketball Game

Friday, Jan. 31

Team Performance

LBJ Gym @4:30

Basketball Game

Tuesday, Feb. 4

Officer or Hip Hop Performance

LBJ Gym @4:30

Westwood Dance Classic Competition

Saturday, Feb. 8

*All Team, Officer, and Hip Hop dances will be performed throughout the day. More details will be sent soon.

VistaRidge Dance Championship

Saturday, Feb. 29

*All Team, Officer, and Hip Hop dances will be performed throughout the day. More details will be sent soon.

The practice schedule is up to date on our Google Calendar and has tentative objectives for each day.

If you are hoping on being in the Hip Hop Ensemble, plan to stay after school from 4-6PM each Wednesday starting 1-8.

SEEKING VOLUNTEER: Trailer and truck driver for competition season. We will have a large rolling door and hopefully a Delta Nu sign to transport to both competitions. Can anyone provide this service for the team or know someone we can call upon?

If there are any changes to our plans, I will let you know asap. Please let me know if you have any questions, or if I'm forgetting something - let me know! :)

See you all soon!

Best Regards,

Ms. E

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