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Arts in Activism, Double Homecomings, and Winter Wonderland!

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

Well done to all of the First Ladies throughout our Fall Semester thus far! Despite the challenges and obstacles of this unique year, we have many successes and accomplishments to reflect on and be proud of and more to come!

Thank you to all of our Ladies that participated in the project was a part of choirs "Arts in Activism" unit: Carrie, Carter, DeAira, Emily, and Micah. The collaboration led by Mr. Lewis and Coach Washington features a few members from the LBJ Freshman Choir and the First Ladies.

The objective for this project was for students to identify how activism and change are important to communities and to demonstrate how art can play a role in activism. So, the students chose to spotlight the Black Lives Matter Movement.

Pleases enjoy, "Glory".

In the closing off of our football season, the team lit up the field with a fantastic jazz performance at both the LBJ and LASA Homecoming and Senior Recognition games!

Congratulations to our of the week from the 10/30 Homecoming LBJ Game:

Officer OTW: Sydney

First Lady OTW: Nell

Spirit Girl OTW: Emily M.

Directors' Choice: Kat

Congratulations to our of the week from the 11/27 Homecoming LASA Game:

Officer OTW: Micah

First Lady OTW: DeAira

Spirit Girl OTW: Nell

Director’s Choice: Chelsey

We love you seniors and thank you for all of your continued time, energy, talents, and dedication to our team. We look forward to continuing to dance with you throughout the year!

Emily, 1st Lieutenant

Chelsey, Senior Lieutenant

Micah, Captain

Carrie, Co Captain

DeAira, Vet

Congratulations to our Homecoming Court Nominees and Winners (you are Queens in our hearts!!):

Dakota, LBJ Dutchess Winner

Micah, LBJ Queen Nominee

Chelsey, LASA Queen Nominee

Nell, LASA Princess Nominee

Again, well done to all of the First Ladies and thank you for your hard work, energy, time, and endurance through this time. You have a lot to be proud of! Thank you to Emily for capturing our memories.

Last, please help spread the word and save the date for our first ever virtual Winter Wonderland! The team has been working diligently on their team and squad dances over the last few weeks and we look forward to a wonderful night. Each dance will be pre-recorded and shared via webinar next Saturday, the 12th. If you or any business you know would like to help our program through donations, please go to: As a token of our appreciation, we will recognize all sponsors with their logo and/or names in our programs throughout the year.

Way to go, Ladies, keep up the excellent work!! We're so proud of you all! Thank you to all of the parents for your continued support and special thank you to Ms. Hancock for always coming in strong to help the team too through hat covers, treats, and hand warmers! We look forward to continuing to dance with strength and courage through the year.

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